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SBS - Embrace Your Mother Tongue: Celebrate International World Mother Language Day

World Mother Language Day Celebrated in Australia: Stories of Language Retention, Heritage, and Cultural Resilience

Today is World Mother Language Day, and I know through meetings with language communities across Australia that language retention is important to many of you. It is about heritage, culture, and communicating with relatives in the homeland. The reasons are many but the passion for keeping your mother language alive is strong regardless of where you are from.

As mentioned, today is World Mother Language Day, but why did the United Nations create it, and why was the 21st of February the date it chose to mark the day? Answers to these questions and more can be found in the stories below. You will also find stories about what people across Australia have done to keep their mother language alive.

If you find any of these stories interesting or entertaining, please share them with your communities. Thank you for your support, which as always is appreciated.

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