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Community Languages Australia (short CLA), officially called AFESA - Community Languages Australia, represents all community language school state and territory federations and associations at a national level. Historically, CLA was also known as the Australian Federation on Ethnic Schools Association, which was changed to AFESA - Community Languages Australia in 2019.

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Our Purpose

Representing all community language school state and territory associations and federations, Community Languages Australia works at a national level to advocate and promote community language schools. It also works on creating synergies and standardization across Australian associations, federations and schools. CLA further supports these institutions in facilitating effective quality languages education, by providing resources, professional development opportunities and guidance to new and established communities. Collecting valuable data and supporting research also enables CLA to inform policy-making and facilitate research, further future-proofing the dynamic and highly diverse community language school sector.

Our Vision

Community language schools, in all their diversity, are understood as crucial institutions, providing safe and inclusive community spaces for purposeful learning. They are an important part of Australia’s highly multicultural and multilingual society, helping individuals to develop a multifaceted sense of belonging and identity, beyond national borders. Community language schools foster social cohesion and a robust, inclusive and strong Australian society, where different cultures and languages are cherished and supported. They form an integral part of languages education in Australia, alongside mainstream schools and other languages education providers.

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