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​Online Virtual Classroom Protocols

Community Languages Australia encourages schools to move to the virtual classroom model at this time. It allows for contact with parents and students. That�s a good thing � we need to support each other.
However we strongly urge you to follow all the protocols of Working with Children and Child Safety Policies
They are set out in our manual � You can find the information by going to

  • You need permission,
  • you need to work with parents,
  • you must not work one on one with students,
  • you must not share private information , emails , addresses.

Technology is a wonderful vehicle if used correctly. There will always be those who ruin it for others, those who are selfish, irresponsible and who have no respect for the law.
Therefore it is incumbent on us to not let them in or if they hack � report them to the authorities
Children safety is paramount

Below a link with information in relation to possible hacking. Worth noting

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