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Community Language School Day

National Community Language School Day

Every year, the third Saturday of May is National Community Language Schools Day. It is a day to celebrate community language schools (CLS), and the essential part they play in Australia's multicultural, multiethnic, and multilingual landscape. CLS facilitate cultural continuity and social cohesion, providing cultural and language learning in an authentic setting. CLS are essential for individuals and communities to establish vital connections within Australia and abroad and keep cultural practices alive. Children can develop crucial language skills and multifaceted identities in CLS, giving them a sense of belonging and contributing to their well-being and opportunities in the long run. Community Language School Day is a day to raise awareness and gain support from the wider public and important stakeholders. It also gives CLS members a sense of pride and belonging within the broader CLS landscape in Australia. Each year another annual theme will be selected. The 2022 annual theme will be language and food more information will be published later in the year.

Ideas of what CLS can do to celebrate the day:

Involving Parents and the Community

CLS Assembly

The assembly or any other communication that goes out to parents should acknowledge that it is Community Language School Day on the 3rdSaturday of May. Ideas of what can be included in the speech, email or post:

Showcasing Student Accomplishments

Showing to the whole school some of the great work that students did in light of Community Language School Day, will make parents, students and teachers proud. This can be done at the assembly, or a dedicated event for the day.

Involving Students - ideas

Idea #1: Create a poster

CLS get each class to create a poster illustrating why they think their community language school is important. The posters can be presented and a school-internal jury can award one poster as “the winner”. This poster could be gifted with an appreciation card to the mainstream school. They might hang the poster up, which would be a great visual reminder of the CLS during normal school hours.

Idea #2: Cultural performance

Teachers and students could be encouraged to prepare a dance, sing a song, demonstrate some of their work achievements, etc. at the assembly as part of the Community Language School Day celebrations. This will boost student confidence and parental pride.

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